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Sunny Walk·Guangzhou


Project Positioning

Downtown light art themed lifestyle hub


Leasing enquiries:020-38367410
Customer Service:020-38556806

Shopping Malls

Sunny Walk·Guangzhou is located in the Tianhe CBD and caters mainly to well-heeled urban professionals. Its core appeal lies in food and beverage options, complemented by light art, quality lifestyle, entertainment, and other options. The venue aims to create an artistic showcase that combines lifestyle and aesthetics, and its specialized operations makes up its core competitive advantage.

Sunny Walk·Guangzhou Phase I currently features Starbucks, China Merchants Bank, Orange Fitness, Golden Ladies Photo Children Photography, iKongjian online home furnishing and other brands; while Phase II features Cool KTV, linda live, Hingyue Restaurant, Pacific Coffee and others. In addition to satisfying the needs of white-collar professionals in shopping and entertainment, it complements other businesses in the vicinity such as medical services providers, and high-end Cantonese restaurants; the use of the “Internet+” model gives it a unique edge.


9 Huaqiang Raod, Zhujiang New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Floor Area

40,000m2 (Phase I and II total)

Postal Code



May 2015 (Phase I), December 2015 (Phase II)

Public Transport:Tianhe stop: Bus no. 137, 140, 230, 243, 261, 266, 278, 283, 284, 293, 299, 777, 517, 541, 542, 548, 550, 562, 813, 882, 886A, 886, 53, 54, 62A,62, B8, B15.

Metro:West Tiyu Road Station Exit G, walk south for 10 minutes

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